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Global AM Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. Conditions for membership to Global AM NGO: Joining Terms and Conditions
    1. Global AM has both individual and corporate membership.
    2. Global AM individual membership is open to any individual 18 years of age that holds citizenship of the Republic of Armenia or is a foreign country resident who accepts Global AM Code of Conduct, its goals and objectives and is willing to participate in the organizational activities by paying the membership fee.
      1. Individual members cannot become a business owner, CEO or a co-owner of the company.
      2. Global AM corporate membership is open to any corporation, business owner, CEO or co-owner who accepts Global AM Code of Conduct, its goals and objectives and is willing to participate in the organizational activities by paying the membership fee.
      3. Individual member cannot use Global AM membership status on behalf of his/her Company they are employed at, if the Company is not a corporate member of the NGO.
    3. The Admission decision of a new member is accepted by the Global AM Board of Directors.
    4. Members paying the membership fee determined by the Global AM Board get the registration form.
    5. The refusal of the membership application to Global AM is not subject to appellate.
    6. The Global AM Member Board and Board of Directors may apply from disciplinary penalties up to the termination of a membership if the member violates the Global AM Code of Conduct.
    7. Registration process of new members is conducted by the NGO Board of Directors.
    8. The founders and members of the Global AM have no rights over the organization property (including any kind of fees due to the organization).
    9. The NGO shall not be liable for the obligations of its members and founders, and its members are not liable for the obligations of the NGO.
    10. A membership to the NGO does not deprive a person from his/her rights and freedoms as well as does not prohibit a person to occupy any positions at governmental bodies.
    11. The NGO property cannot be divided among its founders and members.
    12. In the case of members’ absence they can choose authorized person who will have right to participate in the Assembly.
  2. Global AM members’ rights
    1. Global AM members have the rights:
      1. at supreme bodies of NGO and to vote, be elected as a director of the Global AM;
      2. to vote or be elected as a President and Secretary of the Assembly;
      3. to take part at the NGO Assembly;
      4. to vote at the NGO Assembly where the individual membership holder has the right to vote once, in case of corporate membership the voting right is upon the size of membership fees;
      5. to propose constructive offers, remarks, activities and projects to the governing bodies in order to improve the work of the Global AM;
      6. to demand complete information about the Global AM;
      7. to terminate the membership agreement between the Global AM in written form;
      8. to participate in the Global AM organized events.
    2. Individual members have the rights:
      1. to get from the Global AM any legal, financial, material, ethical, moral support;
      2. to be informed about the NGO news;
      3. to get continuous professional development opportunity;
      4. to be involved and participate in Working Groups meetings in accordance with his/her will;
      5. to participate in the trainings or other courses that NGO partner organizations will provide with significant discounts;
      6. to get general discounts for the events held by the partner organizations
    3. Corporate members have the rights;
      1. to register from 2 to 15 individuals depending on the size of the membership fee;
      2. to be informed about the NGO news and activities;
      3. to participate in the NGO’s All events and projects together with all registered members;
      4. to discover new talented employees with high qualifications working at the NGO;
      5. to be notified about the upcoming projects and activities;
      6. to access the NGO public brand strengthening, as a member organization;
      7. to advertise his/her company on the NGO official advertisements;
      8. to use the membership status at the NGO as an advertisement in other business spheres;
      9. to get all the other benefits and privileges from individual membership.
  3. Global AM members’ obligations
    1. Global AM members are obliged:
      1. to increase the Global AM reputation;
      2. to meet the Global AM requirements, NGO’s governing bodies’ decisions;
      3. to support the replenishment of the Global AM membership list;
      4. to fulfill diligently all his/her duties;
      5. to take part in the events and projects held by the NGO;
      6. to understand and share the NGO’s goals and objectives;
      7. to be able to explain the NGO’s activities and targets;
      8. to explain the Assembly his/her personal motives and purposes to become a member;
      9. to advise the NGO President of possible win-win collaboration;
      10. never accept / offer any sort of bribes to those correlated with the NGO’s activities;
      11. to pay the membership fees in timely manner;
      12. to use his/her business network for finding funds and investments for the NGO’s activities;
      13. to be involved in official dinners/ events organized to expand the NGO’s network;
      14. to vote at the NGO’s Assembly;
    2. Global AM may have honorary members whose rights and obligations are set by the Global AM Board of Directors.
    3. Individual member elected as an Assembly member must be present to all Meetings. In case of 3 absence, the member gets a stern warning and may lose his/her membership and be dismissed from the NGO by the decision of Board of Directors.
      1. Corporate membership may require only 1 registered participant from the registered company to be present at the Assembly Meetings.
  4. The membership fee size and procedures for the payment
    1. The size of membership fee is set by the Board of Directors.
    2. According to the membership types either monthly or annual membership fees should be paid cash to the NGO or transferred to NGO’s bank account.
      1. Monthly payments must be made before the 5th day of each month.
      2. The annual payments must be made within 10 days since being the member of the NGO.
    3. Membership fees are accepted only in AMDs.
    4. Membership fees are non-refundable under no circumstances.
    5. Membership fees are the property of the NGO and may be used for the implementation of the organizational goals.
    6. The size of membership fees and benefits.
Membership type Monthly fee (AMD) Annual fee (AMD) Name Registration right up to Right to vote (quantity)
Individual 3000 30 000 Physical Entity 1 person 1
Corporate 10 000 110 000 Company up to 20 people 2 people 1
Corporate 20 000 225 000 Company from 20 to 50 people 4 people 1
Corporate 50 000 550 000 Company from 50 to 500 people 7 people 3
Corporate 100 000 1 100 000 Company over 500 people 15 people 5