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Stay Tuned With New-Age Startups

2016 was uniquely productive and innovative, so we are thrilled to follow favorite dynamic Armenian startups in the year of 2017.

In past years startup culture in Armenia was escalating quickly. 2016 was uniquely productive and innovative, so we are thrilled to follow favorite dynamic Armenian startups in the year of 2017.

First, on this list come several newcomers with their contemporary approach in AI and VR world.


Inapptics team is at a moment based in both Armenia and United States. This team walked a long way to Inapptics since they started collaborating together 5 years beforehand in the USA and Europe.

As a support platform, Inapptics helps app creators with mobile analytics approaching the original use of Artificial Intelligence. Basically, Inapptics assists IT creators in order to maintain the increase of effectivity and profit.


An app that moves debt collection to another level, online AI- powered system that is about to change a system. The company was founded by Levon Brutyan, Moscow-born Armenian. The rest of the team, data science and, software engineers are based in Yerevan, Armenia.

Collectly replaces old-fashioned hard coded scripts with new digital channels that work fully automatically and increases productivity up to 60%.


Next, comes tool that makes possible to create your own virtual experience and immediately post it to the leading VR platforms available on the web, as are Oculus, Vive, Daydream, iOS, and Android.

A team of 8 developers is based in Armenia. January 2017 they are going to participate Techstars program in Boulder, Colorado.

Rodin is impressive VR editor with outstanding online features. Users don’t need to follow the updates and download them since app implements easy use. This is the subscription based network which gives an opportunity to not only build a masterpiece but sell it right away.

Next, comes the app that takes the healthcare system to the whole new level.


Abaka is a tool that assists its users in the control of medical and healthcare expenses. Besides that Abaka makes possible to plan and track from A to B the whole process of the recovery.

Consumers have full transparency to whom, where and why their payments go and easy access to the payment plans and procedure schedules. Arman Ozgun, the founder of Abaka, is a serial entrepreneur with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Management.


Finally, an aspiring startup based in the heart of Armenia, Yerevan. This cyber security startup enables secure file sharing and collaborates with a number of widely known memory storing applications, Slack, Dropbox, and Gmail.

Skycryptor implements zero-knowledge solution which means it never learns any specific information of its users. Founded in 2015 by two aspiring young Armenians, Aram Jivanyan, and Azat Manukyan, Skycryptor still holds a leading position in cyber security sphere and keeps up with all the worldwide updates to ensure comfortability of its users.

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